“It’s easy to start, but it’s how we finish that defines us.”- Brian Hunter

Like Most Kids

Brian got a rough start on life.  Like many kids today Brian lived with a single Mom struggling to make ends meet. They were living in Texas and to say he was a sickly kid is an  understatement at the very least. He was home schooled because of how may days his allergies and illness caused him to miss. Weekly trips in and out of the hospital were, to Brian, little B bikinglike most chores are to normal kids. To make things worse he was diagnosed with Polio and made to wear leg braces as a toddler. Think Forrest Gump as a kid and you’ve got the visual. This was not an ideal start at life, but nonetheless it was the cards he had been dealt.

There are those moments in life that can define you for the better or worse if you allow them. One such moment was when Brian and his mom moved from Texas to Colorado and Brian laid eyes on the mountains for the first time. It was like surfacing from the deep end of the pool and filling your lungs air. Feeling the call of the mountains caused the flicker to become an ember that would ignite the fire for adventure.


The Great Adventure

Brian’s 8th grade English teacher is the man responsible for introducing him to the adventures of the great outdoors during his first rock climbing trip. As he grew, so did his fire and love for the wilderness. By the end of high school he had climbed and mountain biked all over Colorado and managed to find himself in many too close for comfort situations. He was flying by the seat of his pants and needed something, but at the time, he had no clue what he was desperately searching for.  It wasn’t until he met the man Jesus from Nazareth that he found what he had always been looking for.


The Mentor

Later, Brian moved to Estes Park, Colorado where he worked as a climbing guide and a ski instructor. Here is where he met  mentor, Lynn Sanson who would not only teach him the art of Alpine Mountaineering, but what it means to be a real man; a man who loves Jesus, provides for his family, and be a leader. Brian states, “I owe this man more than I could ever repay.”


 Stuff he’s done

Brian has scaled some of America’s most challenging mountains including Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, the Grand Teton,numerous 14’s in colorado, and competed in various adventure races in the mountain states. He has explored many of the beautiful and vast wilderness canyons of Arizona and Utah. His adventures also have led him globe trotting through Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

camel plankHe also has had his share of close calls in his adventures including nearly being ripped from the face of Grand Teton after his climbing partner who he was roped together with fell. Thankfully, both survived unharmed. Once while rock-climbing, Brian and a partner became stranded when nightfall settled sooner than they had planned. Both were forced to spend the night huddled together on a rock ledge at 13,000 feet without the gear necessary for such dire conditions.





After scampering to the summit of most of the peaks in Colorado, Brian and his wife moved to Jackson Hole, WY where they built a log home and started their family.  While in Jackson Hole, Brian whole-heartedly dedicated himself to mentoring teenagers.  He also founded the Jackson Hole Youth Alliance; A non-profit organization devoted to a strategic partnership of church youth leaders for the benefit of youth in the valley.

speakerIn 2007 Brian moved his family to Tulsa, OK where he attended Oral Roberts University.  He graduated in 2010 with a major in Theology and a minor in business.  In 2013 Brian founded and is the president of Strong To The Finish; a faith based organization devoted to helping people live lives to their fullest God given potential.  The summer of 2013 Brian lead the Across Mongolia Expedition where he ran 1,500 miles across Mongolia to raise awareness and support for homeless orphans living on the streets of the capital city.  When Brian is not adventuring around the planet, he is a sought after inspirational speaker.

“Strong To The Finish” -Brian Hunter


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